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5 Community Recreation Plan Draft for your review.....

Section 1 Grand Region Rec Plan Review Draft

Section2 RecreationInventory 

Section 3 Goals-Action Plan-Planning Process-App 

Section 4 Appendix A Community Wide Recreation Survey 10-7-14


Grand Haven 2014/15 Visitors Guide


2014 Drinking Water Report


Please note that water/sewer bills can be paid with a credit card through this site, but we are unable to accept credit cards in the office. Payments will be accepted at the office or the drop boxes until 5 p.m. on the due date. After 5 p.m., late charges will apply. The Village drop boxes are located behind Love, INC. and on the front of the Village Hall. Please contact Mary Paparella at 616-842-1393 if you have any questions regarding your bill. Thank you.


If you experience an overflow or back up of a sewage disposal system, first please contact the Village of Spring Lake Department of Public Works to check the Village's lines before calling a private plumbing firm...