Whistle Stop Park

Due to excessive wear and tear and structural integrity issues, the old playground was removed.

The Parks & Recreation Board has taken into consideration suggestions that were offered at the community engagement meeting held on December 7, 2015.

It was important to community members that the playground offer equipment that would attract a wide age range and we feel this final design does just that. The train is geared towards children age 2-7, while the climbing apparatus is geared towards kids 7-12 years. There was a great deal of thought put into the playground surface (Pour in Place rubber) in order to make our children’s experiences the best (and safest) it can be. We hope you find the design as fun and exciting as we do!

Please Contact Village Hall if you would like to contribute to the restoration of Whistle Stop Park.
Volunteers from Shape Corporation have generously offered to install the equipment as soon as it arrives. Spring has sprung and we would love to have this project completed by June if at all possible.