Planning & Development

Master Plan

2018 Master Plan

Master Plans are intended to help guide everyday decisions and to help us work better with neighboring jurisdictions in land-use planning and mutual master-plan implementation. It is intended that this be an interactive process. View the 2018 Master Plan »

Design Mannual

Downtown Development Plan

A subarea plan that focuses on the M-104 corridor (Savidge Street) and the Village of Spring Lake's downtown. View the Downtown Development Plan »

Downtown Development Plan

Design Manual

The Design Manual was developed to guide the design and redevelopment of the Downtown Spring Lake Village. It is intended for use by businesses wishing to locate or improve properties in the downtown. View the Design Manual »

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Programs

Downtown Facade Grant Program

The Downtown Façade Grant program is a 50/50 matching grant of up to $5,000 per building for improvements to the exterior of the building that enhance the aesthetics of the principle building and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the downtown district. The grant may be used for such things as architectural improvements, new entryways, masonry work, brick restoration and window repair or replacement.

Facade Grant Application

Fire Suppression and Elevator Assistance Program

The DDA offers a Fire Suppression and Elevator Assistance Grant. This is a 50/50 matching grant, up to $15,000, that is intended to provide an incentive for downtown business owners who own existing buildings, to invest in older facilities within the DDA District by providing matching grants to businesses to make these improvements (elevators and fire suppression systems) that give existing significant buildings new life and/or allow for a change of use. The state building code often requires upgrades to buildings, such as elevators and fire suppression systems, when the use of the building is changed. These improvements can be very expensive. With the help of the grant a downtown business owner can extend the life of the building with a new or different business and thereby help to retain the character of the downtown.

Fire Suppression and Elevator Assistance Grant Application

Assistance for Businesses

The DDA offers a lease program for Village design sandwich board signs in the DDA District. A business owner may lease a sandwich board sign to help call attention to their business and advertise specials.

The Village also assists businesses with efforts to obtain a commercial facilities tax exemption for the value of new construction to buildings in the DDA District.

Commercial Facilities Exemption Certificate Information »