Lloyd’s Bayou Lake Board


Jim MacLachlan, Chair

Bill Arnold, Vice Chair

Dave Kaucheck, Secretary

Joe Bush, Treasurer

Roger Bergman, Member

Notice to Residents

No-Wake Zones – Due to the unprecedented high water levels, we are dealing with some pretty severe property damage which is exacerbated by wake violations. The Village of Spring Lake and the City of Ferrysburg have partnered with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office (marine division) to pay for additional patrol in the 2020 season. The Deputies have been instructed to issue tickets, not warnings, for those who violate the no wake laws, particularly the 200’ from Shore rule. We are asking that you share the attached infographic with your boating friends immediately to warn them of the increased patrol this summer. Our goal is education and compliance and we would rather not have to issue tickets, but will do so when the situation warrants it.

Next meeting will be June 22, 2020 at 3:00 pm, in the EOC Room at Village Hall